12 Week Exercise Planner
The following table is a 12 week schedule that can be used to record all your exercises each week. The purpose of this schedule is to aim to improve exercises either by lifting more weight, repetitions, or time depending on the exercise. Feel free to add and adjust any exercises you wish to include in the schedule. Individuals should select the appropriate exercises depending on what they are training, e.g. a runner will record run times and distances, bike times, leg weights, and any other exercises that can be used to benefit running. Only select exercises that you are comfortable with, don’t do all exercises off the list. When recording weight exercises record your heaviest set into the table. For cardio exercises record times and distances, for boxing, hills sprints, skipping etc record how many rounds are completed.

Tips to using the schedule

  • Print off your schedule and keep it in the gym or somewhere easy to write down your results.
  • If you’re a beginner be sure to start light and build the intensity each week.
  • Only do as many exercises as your comfortable doing.
  • If training a muscle group make sure to incorporate at least 3 exercises to target that specific muscle group.
  • Do at least 3 sets for each exercise.
  • In a weights session make sure to do the major muscle groups first (chest, back, legs) before minor (bi’s, tri’s, shoulders etc).
  • Don’t do two major muscle groups in the one session.
  • Trial different combinations of cardio and weights to best suit your objective.
  • Stretch before and after all exercises to prevent injury.
  • Remember to include rest day/s into your schedule.
  • Change your routine every couple of weeks to prevent ‘plateau’.