Crazy Full Body Workout

Here is a quick full body workout that will exhaust the body, see how you go with it. My hamstrings were sore for days after this one. Complete the following exercises one after the other with no rest between sets. Have a stopwatch handy to record your results.

1. 40 push-ups

2. 40 dead-lifts at 50% of bodyweight

3. 20 dumbbell raises (10 per arm) at 15% of bodyweight

4. 20 alternating dumbbell curls back against wall at 15% of bodyweight

5. 20 thrusters at 30% of bodyweight

Note: To work out bodyweight % multiply weight by percentage e.g An 80kg person would be 80 x 0.30 (30%) = 24kg Thrusters

This is a full body workout that emphasises on chest, lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, and biceps. This sircuit can easily be done at home and doest require a lot of space. Have all weights set up in advance to enable a smoth transition from each exercise. It is also a good idea to wear training gloves, the repetative lifting can be harsh on the hands. It is good motivation doing this workout with another parter as you can both push each other to finish each set. Be sure to time yourself so you have a score to target for next time. You can also up the weight on each exercise to make it more difficult. From a personal perspective I found the 40 dead-lifts to be the most difficult part of the circuit. The rest of the exercises were achievable but the lower back was burning the whole time from those painfull dead-lifts! Be sure to strech both before and after this workout to prevent injury. Good luck!

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2 Responses to "Crazy Full Body Workout"
  1. Reply Vito May 23, 2012 08:08 am

    Never in a Crossfit WOD would you ever see Dumbbell Curls. Ever.

    Nor would you see DB Raises. Try Kettlebell Swings.

    • Reply Dan May 25, 2012 00:46 am

      You are totally right. Its more a full body circuit done back to back. I didn’t have kettlebells at the time so I had to improvise with the dumbbells. Thank you for your advice.

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