Interval Training with the Bag and Bike

Interval training can rapidly boost your fitness,  burn  fat and condition your body to reach your desired goals. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is involves mixing high intensity bursts of exercise with moderate intensity recovery periods. Due to the intensity interval training has incredible advantages. It’s the quickest way to get in fit, lose fat and supercharge for sports performance. Interval training increases the anaerobic threshold and allows the body to push harder until reaching exhaustion.

The boxing bag and bike is a perfect starting point to begin your interval training. If you want to improve your cardio, the bike and bag combo is will get you there fast! This interval training exercise consists of a 2 exercise circuit of boxing bag and exercise bike. The first part of the training is hitting the boxing bag for 2 mins using boxing gloves. When training bag work it is important to keep a guard up at all times, this prevents your arms from getting lazy and throwing sloppy punches. After the first 2 minutes on the bag jump straight on the exercise bike and pump out another 2 minutes. Aim to keep a fast and consistent speed on the bike. After 2 minutes on the bike is complete have a rest period for 1 minute. It is then time to complete the circuit again. See how many rounds you can go for, and then next time you do this exercise aim to improve that by at least one round.

2min- boxing bag + 2min exercise bike = 1 Round


-Boxing Bag 

-Boxing gloves 

-Exercise bike 

-Countdown Timer 

It is recommended to stretch and warm up before attempting this exercise. Difficulty on the bag will depend on the speed and power of your punches and also the weight of the gloves that you use. The heavier the gloves the harder it will be on the arms. Difficulty on the bike will depend on the tension setting and the speed at which you ride at. It is a good idea to record the distances and average speed that you ride at so you can aim to improve each time. The higher the intensity the greater reward.

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