Lose Weight and Maximise your Potential with Cross Training

Cross training is ideal for those individuals wanting to take that step further in their training regime to give them that edge in a specific sport. Even if you want to lose some weight cross training will condition and tone the body as a whole. Cross training workouts are high intensity and leave you satisfied when the workout is over. Little equipment is needed for a basic cross training session. Using your own body weight as a form of resistance is ideal to target a range of different muscle groups. Cross training will benefit the body in 3 main ways.

1. Muscular Endurance

Due to the intensity of a cross training exercise it can promote two main benefits: it can make the heart a bigger, stronger pump, and it can hoist blood volume. This increase in blood volume supplies more oxygen to the muscles and prolongs the onset of muscular fatigue. In other words you can work harder for longer. It is important to keep raising the intensity of your cross training workouts. This keeps the body ever evolving in becoming stronger, faster, and leaner.

2. Strength

Strength is developed when we use our muscles to push, pull, or lift weight which acts as resistance. Cross training uses body weight or gym weights to achieve the desired resistance of a particular exercise. With strength comes power. This power can be transferred to a range of sports. Whether you wanting to improve your golf drive or a boxer wanting to add more power to your punch, cross training is your first step to achieving this.

3. Muscle Tone

Doing cross training can help you burn more calories per week. Cross training is ideal to cut unwanted fat from the body. If you spend a lot of time in the gym and are finding that your physical results have tapered off cross training exercises are perfect for getting past that plateau point. A consistent cross training program will tone your core muscles and shed unwanted fat.

Different sports themselves can be a form of cross training. Runners will often use cycling as a form of training as it reduces the chance of injury and impact that too much running can have on the body. Different sports use different forms of cardio, a runner may be able to run comfortably for hours however 3mins on a boxing bag can completely gas them out. This is why cross training has such positive effects on the body, it is always adapting as it never gets used to one single activity. Maximise your potential and give cross training a try!

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