The Squash Training Triangle


The squash training triangle is designed to improve an individual’s cardiovascular fitness, speed, and footwork. Each of these elements are essential for developing your squash game. The dimensions of the triangle simulate running from the ‘T’ to the front corners of the squash court. The sprints will work on the anaerobic energy system of the body while the jog will act as a recovery and work the aerobic energy system. This training will help control the ‘T’ and keep good position when in rallies.


Comfortable clothing

3 Markers

Large flat area preferably hard surface


Training Method
Once your markers are set, start at the starting marker and sprint to the first corner marker and lunge out to the marker as if playing a backhand (forehand if left-handed) shot. Your right foot should lunge out to the first marker. You are to then run backwards back to the starting point, then back to the second front marker this time lunging out with the left foot. This is to be repeated as fast as possible until 5 sprints for each side are complete. You are to then jog around the perimeter 5 times and back to the start for sprints. This sequence should be completed 5 times.

-5 sprints to each marker
-5 jogging laps around the triangle
-Complete this sequence 5 times

It is important to stretch the legs before and after the exercise. Try and visualise as if your are playing an actual game of squash when running the triangle. This will keep you focused on footwork and also motivate you to push harder and faster. Record your times you finish the exercise so you can aim to improve times for the future. The training triangle can be done from home or a nearby area that has a flat surface. You don’t need a squash court to improve your squash game. Use this training method to condition your legs for a hard squash game, you will notice the difference on the court. You will become faster, fitter, and in better position on the court. Keeping good position is and controling the ‘T’ is one of the keys to winning and dictating the postion of the ball. With this speed and endurance added to your squash game there is no limit to what you can achieve. Give the triangle a go!

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